The News Report Lesson Idea


Make learning fun is my mantra. You will see that theme throughout nearly every blog I put out. I have used this motto with great success throughout my teaching career, even with very difficult (meaning sometimes boring) subject manner. Would you like to entertain your students and have them learn from you? If so, here’s another idea: the outlandish news report.

Much is written about the sad state of today’s news broadcasts: biased and filled with nothing but doom and gloom. Let’s use that to our advantage. Come up with an idea of how your lesson could fit that (ridiculous) mold, and then get a hold of me… so we can record it all! I have the necessary video equipment and software to turn your news idea into a viable presentation. Here are some important things to consider:

  • When it comes times to make your recording, be aware of what you are wearing. If you match, or come close to matching the color of the chroma key background (bright green), that item of clothing will disappear. It’s a neat trick for Halloween, but not so much for presenting something professionally.
  • Forward your script beforehand, so that it can be uploaded into the teleprompter hardware.
  • Do you have any PowerPoint or video you would like to add to your presentation? If so, send that also (or send me the link to the video). You can also just bring it when you come to record, as it is a post-process editing function.
  • If everything is planned out (script emailed prior to visit, etc.), the actual recording time should only be about 15-30 minutes, depending on:
    • Different camera angle setups;
    • Nervousness (flubbing lines, etc.);
    • Length of written material.

So, knock out the cobwebs, take a look at news reports from another angle, and find something you would like to present to your students that will have them talking about into next semester.

Steve Holsonback
Instructional Media Design Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence
Ext. 3425


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