Accessible Documents – Meaningful Text

Over the next month, we’ll talk about the third main component of accessible Word documents: Provide Meaningful Text.

This involves adding meaningful alternative (alt) text for illustrations (including pictures and charts) and meaningful text for hyperlinks. This is vital for those with visual impairments and also provides useful information to others.

Provide meaningful tex - highlighted by image of unique cufflinksImage from:

I like to use this image to illustrate how alt text may be useful to everyone. What are the pairs in the photo? Some people assume they are earrings. Others think they resemble buttons, particularly those found in some Chinese fashions. Still others think they look like cuff links, and in this instance, they are correct. I chose these “links” for the dual meaning. When illustrations or hyperlinks are ambiguous or unfamiliar, having brief, meaningful explanations are helpful to all of us.



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