Follow Me Friday Origins

Follow MeWhen I first started Follow Me Fridays approximately ten weeks ago, I hinted that there was a reason that I chose the title besides the fact that I couldn’t find an appropriate “F” word that fit with Friday. Today, I’m sharing the rest of that story with you.

I first signed up for a Twitter account in May 2014 when Victoria College participated in the Generation TX competition. We had congregated on the quad and formed the shape of a huge VC as someone took a photo from above. Darin Kazmir asked everyone to vote for our picture so that VC could win the Generation TX competition (and we did!), so I quickly created an account so that I could vote. And that was the only thing I ever tweeted until I participated in the Bridges to Success Summit that was held at the Emerging Technology Complex last weekend. I attended the session that Alex Suchon presented on integrating technology and the 7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education. She asked us to answer questions through text, Twitter, or other social media methods, and I chose Twitter.

Truthfully, I hadn’t even used Twitter until this summer. I happened to open the Twitter app on my phone and decided to search a few of my favorite sports teams (Dallas Stars and Chicago Blackhawks) and TV shows (The Big Bang Theory), and, at some point, I realized that there is a whole world that exists out there in the Twitterverse. I’m not sure when or how I first discovered that I could follow colleges and universities, teaching and learning centers, and other educational resources, but once I did, I started following almost all of them. To date, I’m following 120 “people” and only have 10 followers myself (not bad for someone who doesn’t tweet).

I have to admit, I’m as introverted on Twitter as I am in my real life. I follow, but I rarely participate. My favorite way to unwind in the evening is to get in my comfy clothes, sit in my comfy chair with my phone or my iPad and scroll through the tweets from the day. When I come to interesting articles about education, I open the link and save it to my reading list for another day and time. And, apparently I’m not the only educator with this habit.

Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite “people” to follow. Who do you follow?

Texas Wesleyan CETL          Discovery Education          U.S. News Education
Writing for Research           HuffPost Education            OLC
CTLT Illinois State               POD Network                     Chronicle
SCADE                                  CRLT@umich                     Mary Bart
ProfHacker                           Cornell CTE                         Derek Bruff
James M. Lang                    CTE at Rice                          Vanderbilt CFT
Teaching Professor             TX Higher Education          Victoria Advocate
Victoria College                   VC Adult Education



  1. Consider following the Museum of the Coastal Bend! 🙂 We’re @mcb_tx.

    Another really outstanding museum account is @amhistorymuseum, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. They’re interesting, informative, keyed into current events, and often funny too.

    @expvictoriatx is the Victoria CVB; they post a lot of events and attractions right here in town. Also check out their hastag: #explorevictoriatx

    @TPWDparks is the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department — they have great social media, both Twitter and Facebook. They do a nice job of highlighting Texas’s natural environment!


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