Formatting Made Easy

Last week was a hectic week for me. I spent several extra morning and evening hours in my office preparing a PowerPoint presentation. While my focus needed to be on the content of the presentation, the technical, graphic person inside of me kept getting distracted by the look of the presentation. One of my main concerns was emphasizing certain text but for it to not look overwhelming. After playing with different colors and styles on one slide, I finally decided how I wanted my text to look.  Now all I had to do was change the format of the text on the other slides where I wanted to emphasize text. While I could’ve changed how the text looks within the slide master, I didn’t want my text formatting to apply to all slides of that same style, so I went a different route, the Format Painter.

The Format Painter allows you to copy the formatting of text or a graphic to other text or another graphic in three clicks. Pretty neat, right? All you have to do is select the text or graphic you want to copy the formatting of, click Format Painter, then click the text or graphic you want to apply the formatting to. Presto! Your formatting has been copied over.

Format Painter Steps

Fortunately, the Format Painter can be found in the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Unfortunately, formatting can only be copied among documents open in the same program, e.g., from one Word document to another or from one PowerPoint presentation to another presentation.

Next time you’re working on a document or presentation and need to copy the formatting to different objects, consider using the Format Painter to save time.


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