How to Download Video from YouTube and other Websites

In last week’s blog I talked about how you could substitute audio in a video clip as a lesson idea. After posting it, I realized maybe I could have been preemptive and demonstrated how to obtain clips to use, namely from YouTube and the like. Also, it did help that I assisted a student to do just this the other week.
In the past I have had good success with using online video converters. I am always a little leery of downloading any random software from the Internet, and it seems more sensible to me to just use the online converters. Now, there seem to be several out there that do a very stand-up job in the conversion, and they are pretty easy to use. I have used the one at SaveFrom ( without any issues across various platforms, so I will use it as my example here.


To use this converter, follow these steps:
1. Find the video you want to download. I am using YouTube for this example, but nearly every video sharing website has the same sort of option to capture the video’s URL.
2. Immediately below the video, you will find a share option. The icon associated with it looks like a network node/“less-than” symbol.


3. Next just copy the URL (right-mouse clip, select “Copy”/Ctrl-C/Cmd-C, depending on your preference and/or operating system), and paste it (right-mouse clip, select “Paste”/Ctrl-V/Cmd-V) into the dialogue box (more of a rectangle, really) on the SaveFrom web page. Once you paste the URL the arrow to the right of the rectangle changes to blue. Click it to begin the conversion.


4. Once the conversion is complete, you will be given a green selection box with video download format choices.


5. Click on your choice (the default choice is fine), and select your download location.


6. That’s it! You now have a downloaded video clip. Congratulations!

If you run across any difficulties, send me an email ( or give me call (Ext. 3425).


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