Accessible Documents – Page Numbers & Table of Contents

Page Numbers

The Page Number option is located in the Insert Tab: Insert (Header & Footer area) > Page Number

Screenshot of Word 2013 Insert tab wtih Page Number option highlightedNote: You don’t need to insert page numbers in order to create a Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

If you’ve used Styles/Headings properly, a Table of Contents (ToC) is a breeze! The ToC option is located in the References Tab. Be sure to use a ToC for longer documents. This helps everyone navigate your document with ease. When your document is converted to PDF, the ToC creates clickable links to content. (Links are available in Word documents as well, but users will need to use Control + click to follow links.)

Position your cursor in the place where you want your table of contents to be: References > Table of Contents > Choose which style of Automatic Table you prefer

Screenshot of Word 2013 References tab with Table of Contents highlightedIf you want to make some adjustments to the ToC before you create it: References > ToC > Custom Table of Contents… > Options (for changing which heading levels are included in the ToC) or Modify (for changing font size of ToC, etc.)

Screenshot of Word 2013 Table of Contents dialog boxIf you need to make adjustments to the ToC after you create it: Click on the Table of Contents > Update Table > Choose update entire table

Screenshot of Word 2013 Update Table of Contents dialog boxBe sure to do this update if you’ve made any changes to your document.



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