I’m not a writer by any means. I struggle every week to come up with these blog posts. Sometimes it’s from lack of creativity, sometimes it’s from trying to get past the first sentence, and sometimes I just get interrupted and lose track of what I was working on.

As I said I’m not a writer, but my job requires me to put together documents for various audiences. These documents are typically step-by-step guides or overviews for resources we have at Victoria College. Since my documents detail how to do something, I include images, usually screenshots, with the steps so the end user has visuals to follow.

One of the most useful features I’ve found in creating these documents is the Insert>Screenshot feature found in Word 2013. I’m able to insert a whole window or do a clipping of something I have opened on screen. I’ve even included a screen clipping of what the Insert>Screenshot feature looks like.


This feature is also found in PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook 2013.  I’ve used it several times in Outlook to send an image of how something looks on my screen or an error message that pops up.

Additionally, there are other ways to take screenshots. provides other methods of taking screenshots for Windows, Mac OS, and even smartphones.


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