I live by sticky notes. I have them everywhere. If you don’t believe me, please see below.

I’m not going to talk about my love for sticky notes or how they come in a variety of sizes and colors. However, I will let you know that Windows and Mac operating systems typically have a sticky note app built in. Yes, that’s right, I can use an application to contain all my sticky notes instead of having them plastered all over my computer and desk. But what fun would that be?

Windows users may already have Sticky Notes installed. Here’s a great tutorial on how to use Sticky Notes:
For newer versions of Windows (8, 8.1, and 10), you may have to download the Sticky Note app from the Windows Store.

Mac users can find Stickies through the Dashboard. Here’s a tutorial:’s-Dashboard

If you’re up to your eyeballs in sticky notes like I am, then maybe digital sticky notes are for you!


One comment

  1. This is such a great and simple application! With an increased focus on security of information and comments from my tech guys about “cleaning” up the outside of my computer tower prior to relocation…this had greatly reduced the number of stickys stuck around my desk. Reduced, but not eliminated…it’s a beginning for an addict like me. Thanks for this article 🙂


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