Document Accessibility – Page Layout

Page Layout Ribbon Tab

Using these features benefits everyone because it’s usually much easier and more consistent than trying to achieve similar effects with typography.

Page Layout Ribbon Tab


Always use true Columns. (Never use “columns” created by tabbing.)

Type your text first and then highlight the text you want to be in columns. The Columns option is located in the Page Setup area of the Page Layout tab.

Go to Page Layout > Columns > choose how many columns you need:

Columns Menu

Page Breaks & White Space

If you need content to begin on a new page, use a Page Break instead of clicking Enter multiple times.

Go to Page Layout > Breaks:

Breaks MenuBreaks allow you to set other types of formatting, too. Screen readers may interpret extra spaces, tabs and/or empty paragraphs as “blanks” which cause confusion, so be sure to utilize the built-in Page Setup, Paragraph, and Arrange features found in the Page Layout Tab.

If you’re a fan of right clicking with your mouse, you can get to some of these paragraph functions in that manner as well. For example, if you need to add some more white space around a paragraph: go to Select the paragraph > Right click > Paragraph:

Paragraph OptionIn the Paragraph dialog box choose values for Indentation and Spacing to add the white space you need. Note: You can also add Page Breaks using this Paragraph dialog box.

Paragraph Dialog Box


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