Finding Text Faster

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter F, as in CTRL + F.

In case you have never used the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F, let me explain how wonderful it is. In most programs, CTRL+F (at the same time) is the keyboard shortcut for “Find.” I’m sure at some point or another you’ve come across a long document or wordy text on a website and just wanted to find the information you want without having to read everything. For example, the image below is a screenshot of a log file with several more thousands of lines of code than what I’m showing you. Thousands. Do you think I want to scroll through thousands of lines of code just to find what I need? Oh, no! Hence, CTRL + F.


After hitting CTRL + F at the same time, a search box appears. In the search box, I just need to type in what I’m looking for, then click “Find Next” and the search feature will find each time my search term is in the file (see image below). That makes hours, maybe even days, worth of work reduced tremendously.

Next time you’re trying to find a term or phrase in a document, try CTRL + F and see if you find your information quicker!


Want to know more keyboard shortcuts? Check out these links!

Windows users:

Mac users:


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