“Tech” Thursdays!

In following Mondays with Matt’s example, I’d like to welcome you to the “Tech” Thursday post!  My name is Alex Suchon and as the Instructional Technology Specialist here at Victoria College, I intend for my Thursday posts to cover “tech”nology topics. Although, from time to time, I may post about being an adjunct instructor and use my experiences in and out of the classroom to spark a conversation.

I had the good fortune of attending two conferences this summer: BbWorld (conference for the Blackboard LMS) and Campus Technology. These conferences had a typical setup: morning conversation, keynote presentation, breakout sessions, lunch, more breakout sessions…you get the idea. Typically at these types of events, I come prepared with a notepad and colored pens so I can distinguish my presentation notes from my side thoughts. Between packing for two weeks’ worth of traveling and preparing to be out of the office for two weeks, my notepad and colored pens did not make it with me. I had to figure out how I was going to take notes. My solution: OneNote.

In case you have never heard of OneNote, it is a Microsoft Office program that acts like an electronic notebook/binder. It allows you type, draw/annotate, and insert images as well as other types of files. The best part about it? As long as I have my notebook saved to my OneDrive account, I can open my notebook on any device where I have OneNote installed and linked to my OneDrive account. I was in heaven! On days I forgot to charge my iPad, I would just take my phone, open up OneNote and continue typing in notes in the same notebook. I made different sections for each day of the conference and added a page for each session I took notes on. I even took pictures of the presenter’s slides and included them in my notes!

If you haven’t used OneNote before, I suggest you check it out. It’s available on multiple platforms: computer, iPad/iPhone, Android devices, and many more!

OneNote notebook screenshot

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